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Either today or tomorrow, Claw, Kash, and myself are going to go see The Hobbit. Assuming it's not STILL sold out. I certainly hope it's not.

Delightful music by Tragically Hip. I mean I'm not Canadian or anything but holy balls it's lovely.

- - -

1. If someone were to write about your life thus far, do you think the book would be a success? What parts of the book would make you cringe, and which parts would you be proud of?
-- Let more stuff happen first. Right now I can't see it being interesting.

2. Are you subscribed to anyone other than survey takers on your Xanga/LJ? If so, what kind of blogs are they? If not, would you ever consider subbing to a non-survey taker?
-- I'm not on LJ anymoooooore! But yeah I'll sub to just about anyone as long as they aren't... porn? Hentai? Whatever.

3. In general do you think you’re a likable person? Why?
-- Probably not! I think I'm an acquired taste in some cases.

4. Do you think it’s okay to have a “Black People Meet.com” and not a “White People Meet.com?” Explain.
-- I don't really care if they had both or not.

5. Do you remember the old MTV show Room Raiders? What do you people would think about you judging off your room alone?
-- I remember when MTV was actually music.

6. When you sit down to watch a movie do you watch it the whole way through even if it isn’t that good? Or do you just give up and do something else?
-- I'll go find something else.

7. Name 5 things you don’t believe in.
-- I believe in way too much.

8. Are you hard or easy to make friends with? Do you think this is reflected in the amount of friends you have now?
-- It's not easy to make friends with me, mostly because I'm just a loner by nature. You pretty much have to force me to socialize these days.

9. Do you have any interest in mythology of any kind? If so, what do you like about it most? If not, what is/was your favorite period to study in history class?
-- Far too much of one. My favorite one to study was uhmm.. buhh no clue.

10. Do you ever experience second-hand embarrassment while watching movies or reading books?
-- I have, though it's rare.

11. Are there any movies or books you’d have your children/future children watch/read that you enjoyed when you were a kid?
-- Oh definitely! But I don't plan on having children, so maybe I'll bother all my friends' kids.

12. Have you ever gotten a comment on Xanga/LJ only to first discover it long after the person originally posted it? Did you respond in the end despite how much time passed?
-- Maybe? I can't recall.

13. What do you think of the semi-new way Xanga counts page views?
-- I don't pay attention.

14. When you see an attractive member of your preferred sex, what’s the likelihood of you going up to them to start up a conversation?
-- I leave that stuff up to fate and don't bother with it myself. Throughout my life, nine times out of ten they're already taken or have no interest in someone like me, so I usually ignore it and move on. It passes and fades away to general annoyance after awhile. Well normally.

15. How was your day today? Did anything interesting happen?
-- No.

16. Are you guilty of giving people ‘death glares’ when you’re angry or are you able to keep your composure?
-- I have on occasion.

17. How often do you take old surveys that you’ve already taken? What makes you re-take them again?
-- Rarely.

18. Can you think of any desserts or foods that everyone else seems to rave about but you dislike?
-- My roommates rave about peppers and onions. I nope awaaaay.

19. Are you a believer in conspiracy theories (9/11, Sandy Hook, Putting a man on the moon, etc.)?
-- I think they're interesting.

20. Was your high school nearly as catty as the ones typically shown in movies and on TV? How was it similar, and how was it different?
-- Not really. I didn't bother with the social aspect of high school.

21. If you had all the money you needed and didn’t have to work, what would you do to fill your time?
-- Get a part time job to keep moving, I don't know. I'd find stuff to do.

22. Do you ever get nervous about where your future is headed or are you just going with the flow?
-- Always. But I have no choice...

23. Even if you think where you live sucks, list 3 things that are positive about it.
-- I don't live with my parents. I love the area. I love my job (normally).

24. If someone you care about is being mean to you, how do you react?
-- :| Tell him/her to knock that shit off unless it's deserved. By that I mean if they're reprimanding or angry at me if I did something stupid.


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