Feb. 10th, 2013


Feb. 10th, 2013 11:21 am
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Food-service is just as soul-crushing as I remember it. I don't even hate cooking stuff on a grill, it's just.. walking back into that kitchen was so claustrophobic I thought I was going to be sick right there? Do I have the chops to perform in a fast food environment? Certainly! Will it eventually drive me to suicide? ...Probably. But hopefully it won't be SO terrible. I've only had one day there thus far and that day was at a computer learning how to make the various hamburgers they have. I know one thing, though. I'm not going to crave it often. i might crave their shakes but that's about iiiit.

Boyfriend's house is old, but delightful. His mom is amazing (she plays WoW too!) and his friends are strangely interested in me because I'm dating him. I'm fairly certain they'll slit my throat if anything happens to Simon, but they needn't worry about that. People like me don't get such amazing and likable people interested in them - and I sure as hell am not going to throw that away.

What I don't like about his house is his fucking DOG. He has three, but one of them is awful. The likable one is Shadow, a cockapoo. He's adorable at best and easy to ignore. There's Paws, a fully-grown yellow lab that is, for the most part, well-behaved. Until he gets in fights with Misty. Now Misty is HELL. She's quite literally an old bitch and oooooh she HATES ME. Despite being a well-behaved dog she snaps at me and refuses to let me anywhere in the house until everyone fucking yells at her to chases her off. The other dogs and his cats are completely okay with me, which is the odd part.

He has four cats. There's Bandit, the gray and white that is generally up our asses. No really. He tried to make love to my pants on day one. Normally he sleeps with us. There's ...Keely? He's an orange tabby and delightfully cute. It took him a couple of days to warm up to me but now I only need to invite him in before he'll be all up in my grill. There's Buddy, a really old black and white shorthair. He talks a lot and likes to visit sometimes. There's Felix, a large longhair black and white - I haven't really met him yet.

So I found out the co-workers from Target whom I thought hated me actually DON'T, which is good. If anything they want me to open up more. Hell, the one I thought was most intimidating of all was talking to boyfriend at work last night and said, "Oh you're with Sarah now? Tell her I said hi." ...wat. He really doesn't talk to me. In fact he's usually in a foul mood just from working with whom he does. But I've done nothing but work my ass off when he's around - because that's all he does. He's the fastest worker and I want to be that fast, so I don't mess around and I get my shit done. I initially wanted to earn his respect, but he at least doesn't hate me. That's good enough! LOL.

I like where Boyfriend and I are going, and I guess I'm just afraid I'll lose it. I keep having fucking nightmares about it. ;-;


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